EpXylon Solutions

In line with their Mission “To Provide Every Client with TOTAL QUALITY MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS”, Magna has developed, into its product range, the polymer-based “cold repair” alternative to arc and gas welding.  Branded under the trade name of “EpXylon” the range of products under this brand provide the consumer with an effective, easy, versatile, speedy, high-strength and economical solution where the application is not bound by a process of welding.  This product can be machined, tapped, sanded, drilled and ground and can be used in all sorts of innovative applications such as:
  • On Overhead positions
  • Under Immersed conditions
  • In Power, Food, or Chemical plants









For repair of damaged metal surface without heat input

Resistance to oil, petrol, water and many chemicals.

Steel filled polymer putty

Bonds to most metals, concrete and some plastic material

Cures in 16 hours at room temperature

• Repair cracks and breaks
• Patch and rebuild blow holes
• Rebuild worn equipment
• Restoring bearing journals and races


For emergency repairs especially where welding is undesirable.

Resistance to oil, gasoline, water and many chemicals

Steel filled polymer putty

Bonds to steel, iron, aluminium, brass, wood, and concrete.

Cures in less than 1 hour.

• Repair cracks and breaks
• Patch and rebuild blow holes
• Rebuild worn equipment
• Rebuild pump and valve bodies


Perfect for repairing stainless steel equipment or for non-rusting repairs.

Provides a non-rusting and stainless steel finish with an excellent chemical resistance.

Non-Rusting Stainless Steel Filled Polymer Putty

Bonds to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and concrete

Cures at Room Temperature.

• Repair cracks, dents and breaks in SS equipment.
• Rebuild shafts, trays and chutes.
• Repair equipment in dairies, food processing operations and chemical plants.
• Repair equipment in potable water application.


For precision repairs of stress-strained equipment and machinery

Resistance to many chemicals, resistance to wear and abrasion and temperature resistance up to 177 deg. Celsius

Titanium Reinforced Polymer Putty

Makes durable, long lasting repairs with superior colour match.

Restores equipment in jut hours.

• Repair worn pumps, scored shafts etc.
• Rebuild wear rings, valves etc.
• Restore bearing housings
• Protect wear plates.
• Prevent cavitation to doncenser
• Level and chock critical equipment


For easy repairs in wet/immersed environments

This is a non-sagging, non-rusting, water (salt & fresh) water resistant putty.

High Exothermic Polymer Putty

Penetrates through wetness to bond securely to metal, concrete, wood and some plastic substrates.

Cures in 16 hours

• Repair and fit pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment in wet environments.
• Repair concrete pipes and vessels under immersed conditions.


Used for sealing and protecting surfaces from cavitation, pitting, erosion and wear.

Erosion and Chemical Resistance; Temperature Resistance up to 177 deg. Celsiusm

This is a high density, ceramic filled, brushable polymer liquid

Provides a smooth finish and reduces fluid friction.

Forms a protective coating in 3 hours

• Seal and protect new equipment exosed to erosion and corrosion.
• Protect pump castings, impeller blades, gat valves, water boxes and fan blades.
• Rebuild heat exchanges, tube sheets and other circulation water equipment.


Used for providing a wear resistant coating on metal surfaces.

Wear, erosion and corrosion resistance.

Non-sagging, wear protective, ceramic filled polymer putty.

Ideally suited coating for steel, aluminium, bronze or brass moving parts and bonds with most metals, concrete and some plastics.

• Rebuild shafts
• Restore keyways to original dimensions
• Fix wear resistance moulds
• Repair tracing guides, valve seats
• Protect flanges and elbows
• Line pumps and wear faces


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