An impressive Demo = Order by Tata Steel

The End-User Company Tata Steel Limited, the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer & a “Fortune 500” company having manufacturing units in 26 countries, is a highly integrated company. Not only does it produce a comprehensive range of finished steel products, it also owns mines and has a raw material division supplying iron ore


Dear Magna Distributors, When we launched Magna 39 in 2005, one of the major selling points of this TIG rod was that inert gas purging is not needed  for root pass welding of stainless steel pipelines. By eliminating back shielding, Magna 39 saved tremendous downtime, gas cost, and all associated setup costs in stainless steel

Magna Quality Assurance

Dear Magna Distributors, Magna 309, a flux-cored TIG rod designed for root run applications on pipelines of austenitic stainless steel, low alloy steel, carbon steel, and their combinations in oil refineries, petrochemical / chemical plants, is approved by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) which has been the preferred classification organization for the offshore & energy