EpXylon Putties Sustains Supply of Fresh Chicken

The End-User Company

Arab Qatari Co For Poultry Production (QCPP) is the sole supplier / producer of poultry products in Qatar. QCPP was established in 1985 as a joint venture between the Qatar government and the Arab Company for Livestock Development (ACOLID) – established in 1974 as an affiliate of the Economic Unity Council under the Arab League to ensure food security and develop animal resources for the Arab League countries. As of 2007, QCPP produced over 60 million eggs and close to 7 million chickens in its poultry farm located 80 km from Qatar city. During the month of Ramadan last year, the poultry farm sought help from our EpXylon distributor in Qatar, Safari Trading, to repair a crack on one of the chiller plates of their ammonia chiller plant urgently. Safari was required to resolve the problem with minimum downtime so as not to disrupt the supply of fresh chicken to the Qatar people since the farm is the only producer who complies with the country’s rules and regulations for fresh poultry products.

  • The Chiller Room

  • The cracked Chiller Plate (Before application of EpXylon)

  • Application of EpXylon 9102 in Progress

  • Mr Priyantha Lekamage applying EpXylon 9104

The Problem

As stated in QCPP’s customer testimonial (attached at the end of this announcement and available in our intranet), the poultry farm’s ammonia chiller room had a problem due to the leakage of ammonia from a crack on one of the chiller plates. Potentially, they could lose a daily production of 32,000 kg of chickens stored in the chiller room. In addition, they would have to shut down the plant for 3 to 4 days to repair the crack, thereby causing huge loss to the company and even indirectly disturbing Qatar people’s daily lives in a vital month. Under such circumstances, the poultry farm’s maintenance engineer, Mr. Husain, made a wise decision by approaching Mr. Priyantha Lekamage of Safari Trading for a solution. Mr. Lekamage immediately recommended to Mr. Husain usage of EpXylon 9102 & 9104 to rectify the problem.

The EpXylon Solution

Instead of shutting down the plant for at least 3 days and removing the chiller plate for weld repair, EpXylon 9102 and 9104 were used to repair the crack and stop the leak because 1) Safari responded quickly, 2) EpXylon 9102 & 9104 are easy to apply and 3) plant shutdown is not required.

As stressed in our product literatures and product training, surface preparation is critical in applying EpXylon products. In this case, the surface preparation was performed as following:

a/ Used EpXylon 9003 General Purpose Cleaner to clean the surface to be treated,

b/ Used sandpaper to roughen the surface (thickness of the chiller plate is less than 1.5mm),

c/ Cleaned the surface again with EpXylon 9003.

Afterwards, EpXylon 9102 ‘Quick Fix’ Putty, engineered for emergency repair, was applied to repair the crack. As expected, leakage of ammonia stopped effectively and almost instantly. After a while, the poultry farm’s maintenance team then easily applied EpXylon 9104 Titanium Reinforced Putty to strengthen and protect the chiller plate.

<* Material of the plate is stainless steel>

The Benefits

The repair job was perfectly and easily completed with EpXylon. It took only hours and some containers of EpXylon products to save the poultry farm days of downtime and huge amount of money (see the cost-benefit table below as per distributor’s estimation):

Daily production of Fresh Chicken 32,000 kg
Loss of production due to shutdown for 3 days 32,000 x 3 = 96,000 kg
Loss in Qatar Riyals (QAR) 96,000 x 8 = 768,000
Loss in US Dollars (USD) 210,000
Minus : Total Cost of Repair Using EpXylon products (USD) (250)
Total US Dollars Saved 209,750

Intangibly, by successfully stopping the leak without downtime and hence maintaining the continuous supply of fresh chickens to the public in an important month in the region, the poultry plant retains customers’ trust and goodwill of the company.   Undoubtedly, QCPP issued a testimonial (shown below) complimenting EpXylon’s superb performance