Magna 303 Gold Performs its Magic Touch for the Plastic Industry

The End-User Company

Magna303Misr Elhegaz, established in 1982, is a leading manufacturer of PVC pipes, polypropylene woven bags and PVC window profiles in Egypt and the Middle East. Misr Elhegaz employs more than two thousand highly qualified employees working in its industry complex (area – over 100,000m2) producing 200 metric tons of products a day.

The Problem

One of Misr Elhegaz’s “Battenfeld Extrusiontechnik?Parallel Twin Screw Extruders from Germany for manufacturing PVC pipes suddenly experienced a major breakdown? the parallel-twin screw was broken into two pieces. Mr Mohamed Radwan, Misr Elhegaz’s maintenance engineer, called upon Trust Engineering, Magna’s distributor in Egypt, to repair the broken screw urgently to avoid costly downtime in replacing the twin-screw made of unknown kind of steel.

The Solution

Without knowing exactly the type of base metal since there was not enough time for a base metal analysis, Mr. Wael Abdel Fadeel of Trust Engineering promptly recommended Magna 303 Gold of diameter = 3.17mm (for its reputation of welding hard-to-weld & dissimilar steels and hence eliminating any guesswork on the base metals) to perform the repair job to be done by Misr Elhegaz’s welder. With the magical Magna 303 Gold, the welding process applied to perform the repair job was simple yet effective:

a) Tack weld to align the two broken pieces,
b) Chamfer and prepare welding areas by chipping gun,
c) Apply Magna 303 Gold externally around the parallel twin screw to join the two broken pieces, and
d) Complete the job in minutes (with skillful welder).

Undoubtedly, the repair job was successful. By using just 2 Kg of Magna 303 Gold, the end-user potentially saved close to USD5,500 of replacement cost and 3 to 4 months of downtime spent in replacing the twin screw.