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PG Bison success story

Magna 305 Super-Tough Alloy for High-Strength Steels is one of Magna’s

high-quality maintenance welding electrodes that consistently deliver high performance to end-users. Thanks to our South African Magna distributor, Auto and Industrial Bearings owned by Mr. Martin Chetty, the responsible sales agent, Mr. Beshan Singh, and our experienced Marketing Consultant, Mr. Prashant Fanse, we have another great success case about Magna 305. Simply read the following success case written by an end-user, PG Bison, in South Africa.

About PG Bison

PG Bison, wholly owned by Steinhoff International (an integrated lifestyle supplier that manufactures, sources, warehouses, retails and distributes furniture, bedding and case goods to markets in southern Africa, Europe and the Pacific Rim), is a leading supplier of first-rate timber and panel products in South Africa. It has established a fully integrated supply chain from plantation to retail. They have a workforce of 3060 people and their production and retail facilities include plantation, saw mills, pole plants, board plants, and a laminates plant which started applying Magna 305 to repair cracks on its “SIEMPELKAMP” laminating board press frame in Dec.2007.

  • pgbison-success-case1

    The "SIEMPELKAMP" laminating board press to be repaired.

  • PG Bison success story

    The Repair Job well performed by Magna 305

  • PG Bison

    The Repair Job well performed by Magna 305

  • Mr Prashant Fanse (left), Mr Gerhard Van Rooyen (middle) and Mr Beshan Singh (right)

    Mr Prashant Fanse (left), Mr Gerhard Van Rooyen (middle) and Mr Beshan Singh (right)

  • Magna 305

    Mr Martin Chetty (left) and Mr Gerhard Van Rooyen holding a case of quality Magna 305 together

The Case

The problem and solution were written clearly by Mr. Gerhard Van Rooyen, Mechanical Team Leader, in P.G. Bison’s testimonial dated October.24.2008 (a softcopy attached at the bottom of this e-bulletin):
“At P.G.Bison Pietermaritzburg we have a problem with the Laminating press frames, which cracks during operation. We have been welding the press frames at every maintenance day every month and after two weeks the cracks are back and we have to monitor the cracks until the next maintenance day, sometimes we had to stop earlier than we had planned. The material of the press frames is rolled cast steel, the German steel code is RST 37-2. The welding rods we used was 3.15mm Low Hydrogen (LH) rods, we were told to keep the welding rods warm and dry, still the cracks return, we even kept the press frame warm by heating the frames with a heating nozzle at a temperature of 120o C but still no luck. Last year during our December shut down we obtained Magna 305 welding rods 3.17mm and 3.96mm from Auto & Industrial Bearings and Seals. We did seven (7) cracks during this shut, we did not have to warm up the press frames nor did we have to put the welding rods in a heating box to keep it dry. We gouged out all the old welding, grinded it all clean and refill the crack with Magna 305. We first used the 3.17mm to fill the crack then we used the 3.96mm to cap, with the welding machine set at 180 amps and when we cap the welding we set the welding machine at 150 amps. After every run of welding we descaled all the slag before we start with a new run of welding. We only went back in June 2008 to repair one crack and the second crack appeared in October 2008. We found that the Magna 305 is a very easy welding rod to weld with.”

The Benefits

The end-user is not willing to share further information on replacement costs of the parts or components. However, as indicated by PG Bison above, they appreciated very much that the quality Magna 305 reduced the downtime tremendously – this saves the end-users huge amount of downtime costs:

Before Applying Magna 305 After Applying Magna 305

Had to shut down the machine to repair cracks every month.

Detected 2 cracks in 10 months.