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When we launched Magna 39 in 2005, one of the major selling points of this TIG rod was that inert gas purging is not needed  for root pass welding of stainless steel pipelines. By eliminating back shielding, Magna 39 saved tremendous downtime, gas cost, and all associated setup costs in stainless steel pipe welding. Gradually, Magna 39 became one of the preferred solutions of maintenance professionals or welders when welding 316 & 316L types of stainless steel pipes, particularly in the food & beverage, petrochemical and pulp & paper industries.

Shortly, to complement the success of Magna 39 and the demand from the market in a few countries for a similar TIG welding rod for other grades of steel pipes, we will launch another flux cored root pass TIG welding rod (without gas purging). The new root pass TIG welding rod, Magna 309 FC TIG “RootGard”, is designed for welding pipes of austenitic stainless steel, low alloy steel, carbon steel and their combination (i.e. dissimilar steels) in oil refineries, chemical / petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, and others demanding a cost-effective solution to weld these pipes in maintenance.Magna 309 FC

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