An impressive Demo = Order by Tata Steel

The End-User

TataCompany Tata Steel Limited, the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer & a “Fortune 500” company having manufacturing units in 26 countries, is a highly integrated company. Not only does it produce a comprehensive range of finished steel products, it also owns mines and has a raw material division supplying iron ore and coal to its steel plant in Jamshedpur, India. Tata Steel has two collieries in the state of Jharkhand in Eastern India. The coal mines are about 150 kms from the steel plant at Jamshedpur and produce superior grades of clean coal. MinesThe collieries division is equipped with in-house washeries, which use the beneficiation process to separate coal from impurities.

The On-Site Demonstration

In 2008, our EpXylon distributor, Eastern Trading Agency (ETA) in India, had the chance to perform a trial-order demonstration of EpXylon 9102, 9104, & 9503 at Washery 3 of Tata Steel’s West Bokaro colliery, which delivers 40% of Tata Steel’s coking coal requirement for its Blast Furnaces and Coke Ovens at Jamshedpur. Mr. Hota of ETA was on-site to perform the demonstration, using EpXylon 9102 to effectively repair a crack on the cooling tube area of a “Crompton Greaves” make power distribution transformer (1600KVA). After E-9102, he applied EpXylon 9104 to reinforce the repaired area (and finally in this case, EpXylon 9503 to seal the cooling tube flange). As usual, surface preparation is important – A) EpXylon 9003 was used to clean the treated surface; B) Sandpaper and a hacksaw blade were used to prepare the “to-be-treated’ surface for better adhesion of EpXylon 9102. It took only about one hour for Mr. Hota to complete the whole job – surface preparation with EpXylon 9003, repairing with EpXylon 9102 & 9104 and sealing with EpXylon 9503. Previously, as mentioned by the maintenance personnel of the colliery, it required much longer time to perform a similar job. Hence, the on-site maintenance staffs of the colliery were impressed by the superior performance of EpXylon products.

Impact of the “Trial Demo”

ETA applied a very small quantity (50 grams each of E9102 & E9104, 100 ml of E9003 & 2 grams of E9503) of EpXylon in this “Trial Demo”. However, benefits to the colliery of the successful repair job accomplished by outstanding EpXylon products and ETA’s effective services were huge. It 1) lowered the risk of fire hazard caused by transformer oil leakage, 2) prevented loss of hundreds of liters of transformer oil, and 3) reduced the downtime incurred previously in performing similar repair jobs. Consequently, the colliery ordered more EpXylon products and demonstrated their appreciation of the above-mentioned successful repair job in ETA’s Customer Satisfaction Survey shown below.

View the Survey Report

Geek247An impressive Demo = Order by Tata Steel
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