Magna Welding Rods

MAGNA WELDING ALLOYS –  Maintenance Solutions for the New Millennium.
AIBS has tied itself to representing Magna for its maintenance solutions for the new millennium, using specialized alloy Magna welding electrodes or more advanced polymer-based formulations. Magna quality products have been among the world’s finest for more than three decades.  In the new millennium, now more than ever, Magna is the right choice!

Special Welding Electrodes
Through intense research, Magna developed a welding process exclusively designed for maintenance. During the past 30 years, it has repeatedly been proven that Magna Maintenance Welding Alloys and Electrodes are not only based on sound scientific principles but offer numerous advantages over ordinary welding rods. Along with advanced welding alloys, Magna provides a unique maintenance-oriented service in over 80 countries.

Today there are over one million industries that rely on Magna for their maintenance welding requirements. The savings made each year by industry in using the unique Magna Maintenance Welding Process is in-estimable.

Product Code Description Tensile Strength up to p.s.i. (kg/mm2) Typical Hardness Brinell (B) or Rockwell C (RC) Base metal bonding temp. (deg.C)
Magna 33F Super strong flux coated alloy for steels.  Gives extraordinary strength.  Highly versatile – great for use with variety of metals. 80,000 (56.3) 140-160B 907-915
Magna 55 Superior alloy for Aluminum. Universal alloy right for all types of aluminum. Its unique two stage melting range for both thin-flowing and build up applications. 26,000 (18.3) Below Fusion
Magna 51 Low-temp soldering alloy for dissimilar metals.  Its extreme low temperature application (179 deg. C) provides outstanding versatility.  Is ideal for all white metals, including zinc pewter and aluminum. 17,000 (12.0) 179
Magna 67F Non-toxic flux coated silver alloy for maintenance.  Completely non-toxic.  Provides high elongation – with outstanding shear strength and tensile strength 67,000 (47.1) 618-652
Magna 88C Low temp high strength solder for stainless steel.  500% stronger than ordinary solders and is ideal for food industry and refrigeration applications. 14,000 (9.8) 212
Product Code Description Tensile Strength up to p.s.i. (kg/mm2) Typical Hardness Brinell (B) or Rockwell C (RC) Current Setting
Magna 100 Superior chamfering electrode.  Chamfers, grooves and gouges practically all metal in seconds – without special equipment or skill. AC-DC SP
Magna 150 Superior cutting electrode.  Contains special flux coating to promote exothermic action for fast cutting rate.  Quickly cuts or pierces practically all metals without special equipment. AC-DC SP
Magna 303 Super-strength non-cracking alloy for all steels.  Non-cracking with super strength for all steels including high alloy steels.  Provides excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance 120,000 (85) 238B AC-DC RP
Magna 307 “Magnamatic” electrode for high steel.  Provides extraordinary weldability for ease of use.  Ideal for “on-site” and restrictive position use. 84,000 (59) 178B AC-DC RP or SP
Magna 393 Corrosion Resistant alloy for Stainless steel.  A superior “vertical downhand” welding electrode with improved corrosion resistance and heat resistance properties. 66,000 (59) 175B AC-DC RP
Magna 395 Special alloy for duplex stainless steel.  Provides superb weld integrity to resist corrosion and cracks.  Offers good resistance to saltwater corrosion. 110,000 (75) 228B AC-DC RP
Magna 400 Special alloy for crushing equipment.  High alloy designed for crushers.  Gives super impact and abrasion resistance. 55RC AC-DC RP
Magna 401 Universal hardfacing electrode. Tough ferritic matrix that resists both impact and abrasion.  Outwears other electrodes that costs twice as much. 58-60RC AC-DC RP
Magna 402 Impact resistant alloy for manganese steel.  Withstand extreme shock, loading & impact.  Ideal for heavy construction & mining equipment overlays and build-ups. 120,000 (84) AC-DC RP
Magna 404 Hardfacing electrode for extreme abrasion.  Withstands even the most severe grinding abrasion.  Outwear ordinary hardfacing rods as much as 30 to 1. CARBIDES AC-DC RP
Magna 505 “super ease” high strength alloy for aluminum.  Gives welds that are stronger than pure aluminum.  Provides easy slag removal. 21,500 (15) DC RP
Magna 770 High strength non-cracking machinable electrode for cast iron.  Gives perfect machinable welds on practically all types of cast iron.  Requires absolutely no preheating. 58,500 (41) 160B AC-DC RP
Magna Alloy C Nickel based electrode for hastelloy materials.  Provides outstanding hardness retention even at elevated temperatures.  Outwears most hotwork tool steels – yet it is entirely machinable. 98,000 (69) 220B AC-DC RP
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